You’d like to support AMbros Custom? Your Welocme:)

As you can imagine, there is a fair amount of cost involved in making the projects and videos that I produce. The tools, supplies, video production equipment, etc all cost money to purchase and maintain. By supporting me, you’ll be helping me produce better content, more often!

Here are some ways that you can help me continue to provide free content to everyone!

___________________________________Ways to Support___________________________________


Become a Patron

Patreon is a great platform that lets you—the audience—become patrons of the content creators that you enjoy.  It’s similar to Kickstarter, except you help support the continual creation of content.


Buying things (Tools & Hardware) on Amazon, via my affiliate link is a great way for you to help me out, and it costs you NOTHING MORE than what you’d normally pay. Once you get to Amazon from my affiliate links, I get a kickback from any purchases that you make within 24 hours are!

DIY Projects


If you’re feeling especially generous, you can send me a donation of any amount. You can send it as a one time donation or set it up to be recurring. It’s a great way to let me know that you find my content helpful and entertaining, and I’m grateful for any donation, regardless of the amount.

DIY shop


AMbros Custom also serves as my shop for handmade woodworking items, stickers, t-shirts and more!  I even offer custom ordering for anything that you want to build.  I love to do custom work for people, so please Contact me if you want something which is custom made